Anime episode 76

I made the following overview of the last episode shortly after it was broadcast in Japan. Text for this page has been derived from what I found on various discussion groups on the net. Thanks goes to those authors.

Scene Episode 76 scenes
1   Umezawa Yukari-sensei wishes us a happy new year.
2   Then, the scene in which Sai gave the fan to Hikaru in his dream is replayed.
3 It is impossible to see the game here. We see Hikaru practicing. Kosemura calls him to let him know about the Hokuto Cup. Hikaru, Waya, and Isumi talk about the team members' selection process.
4   Hikaru and Akira have a fight as usual at the go saloon. Akira told Hikaru he was already placed as a member of the team, and so Hikaru says he will not visit the saloon until the selection has ended and he will be in the same team with Akira.
5   The Hokuto Cup administrators discuss the chances for the Japanese Team in this tournament.
6 This is the same game as in the manga Hikaru meets Kadowaki during his way to watch the match between Isumi and Honinbo Kuwabara, and they play a game, with Hikaru winning and agreeing with Kadowakiís comment that he in the past was stronger.
7 I know a bit more about Isumi's game now, it really seems an existing pro game but I do not have it. Look at the first 5 moves, very unusual (the white moves are at 4,4). Nevertheless, my database has about 6 games with these moves. But not the right one. When both of them arrive at the Nihon Ki-in when Isumi is winning, Waya, Ochi, and Honda are startled to learn about their encounter in the past, which the trio discussed before their arrival and Hikaruís comment.
8 Again the Honda-Hikaru game is the same as in the manga, and I do not have it. Quite unusual, because Tengen games are rare and well published. Honda visits his senseiís home, and has a chance to play Yashiro from Kansai Ki-in, who opens the game at Tengen. Honda mimics Yashiro tactics with Hikaru, but loses.
9   Yukari-sensei explains the value of a game opened at Tengen in the break (after about 34 minutes).
10   Hikaru cleans the go ban from which Sai appeared, then plays a game with his grandpa.
Same games as in the manga. Hikaru has a match with Morishita, while Akira has a match with Ogata, and both lose.
12   Hikaruís graduation from school.
13 All the games are as in the manga. The Japan Teamís member selection starts. The first round is shown.
14 Same games as in the manga, nothing really new. But I like the way this has been done. Visually the best part of this anime. The second roundís matches are Hikaru vs Yashiro and Waya vs Ochi. The spectacular game between Hikaru and Yashiro catches everybody's interest. Ochi wins against Waya, but is dissatisfied to see how much others want to have Yashiro in the team, so he challenges Yashiro, and loses.
15 In the last scene Hikaru and Akira play again in the go saloon. They and other frequent visitors of the saloon discuss about the God of goís plan to develop go players so that heíd no longer be lonely. It ends with Hikaru telling Sai to wait for him until he reached the Hand of God. Even without knowing much Japanese I could understand that this time.
    Total about 1 hour and 17 minutes.


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