Games from the Manga volume 5-7

Ch. Volume 5
35 1998-00-00 Sai plays Akira on the internet. The game shown is Kim Hyonjon (Hyeon-cheong) 1d (B) versus Kobayashi Satoru played in 1998 as part of a 1-dan versus 9-dan series.
40 1996-06-27 Hikaru plays a game against Kishimoto (Kaio's first captain). That is when Hikaru decides to become a pro. An Oteai game from 1996-06-27, between Oka Nobumitsu (6d, B) and Umeki Suguru (7d).
1997-04-12 Hikaru plays Kaga, Tsutsui, and Mitani simultaneously. The game with Kaga is Yuki Satoshi (B) versus Cho Hun-hyeon played 1997-04-12 in the 10th Fujitsu Cup. The other games are still unknown.
Ch. Volume 6
44 Pattern
Hikaru's Insei test game is a mix of two different 3 stone handicap games played as Castle games. The left hand side of the board is from one game, the right hand side from another. 1721: Honinbo Dochi versus Tsubota Ganseki; 1780: Honinbo Satsugen versus Lord Sakai of Ishimi.
44 1744-04-22 Hikaru's first meeting with his fellow Insei students. Waya is analyzing this game between Honinbo Hakugen and Hayashi Monri Monnyu.
Meijin Toya study group. The first game is visible in the manga, but I do not know what it is.
The second board is not visible in the manga, in the anime it is Honinbo Shuwa versus Inoue Matsumoto Inseki.
1996-02-24 Toya Akira gets his 1p-9p game against the reigning Oza, Zama Sensei. The actual game was played on 24 February 1996 at the Nihon Ki-in, between Kono Rin 1p and Morita Michihiro 8p.
51+ 1724-04-27 This is in the extra chapter after 51. A triple ko occurs. A classical game between Nagano Kaizen and Inoue Shunseki (lunar date Kyoho 9 IV-5). Note: the date is uncertain. [2004-03-16]
Ch. Volume 7
53 1998-08-01 Hikaru attends the study group of Morishita 9 dan. After a hint by Sai, Hikaru points to the right move. This position is from the 11th Fujitsu Cup Final, 1998-08-01 between Yi Ch'ang-ho and Chang Hao (B), after 28 moves.
56 Pattern
Hikaru plays Waya in an insei study game. The position on the board is derived from Shusaku (B) versus Kadono Chuzaemon played in July 1843 (that is the earliest appearance of the Shusaku Fuseki among Shusaku's games). But one of the corner positions is different from the original game. (see also chap. 81-83). Waya says that Hikaru isn't Sai, but plays a little bit like him. Is this why it was done this way?
59 1981-09-21 Isumi beats Mashiba in the Wakajishi Sen. The game shown is Awaji Shuzo (B) versus Kataoka Satoshi in the 25th Prime Minister's Cup Final played 1981-09-21.
59 unknown The game played by Hikaru in the Wakajishi Sen is yet unknown. Opponent is Murakami 2d.


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