Anime episodes 21-30 additional games

23 (6:39)1861-12-18 Meijin Toya study group. The second board is not visible in the manga, in the anime it is Honinbo Shuwa versus Inoue Matsumoto Inseki.
26 (31:19, 31:21 and 35:11)1993-06-30
Hikaru has made it to the first class insei. Two very short scenes and one slightly longer show games from the Oteai. The first between Sasaki Tadashi and Kobayashi Kenji, the second between Umezawa Yukari and Cho Riyo, the third between Tei Meiko and Sonoda Yasutaka. The first game also appears in episode 39 and the last game in anime 45.
Notes: timing in the combined 25th-26th episode. There are other games, also in the manga, that are not yet identified.
28 (11:38)1845-05-00
Sai thinks about all the games he played, and we see four game diagrams, three of which can be recognised as games by Shusaku. In the second diagram there is an error (move 42 in the wrong place). Game 1: Honinbo Shusaku vs Hosenji Hoshin; game 2: Itagaki Chuzo vs Yasui Eisai (=Shusaku); game 3: Honinbo Shusaku vs Kadono Kamesaburo.
28 (17:21)1981-07-29 Akira's game in the Wakajishi Sen against Honda is this game between Kamimura Haruo and Honda Sachiko. Both Honda's get crushed.
29 (19:49)1993-10-28 A brief glimpse of the end of the Internet game ko-zelda (Waya). It is Yoda Norimoto vs Kuwata Yasuaki (Oteai).

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