Games from the Manga volume 10-11

Ch. Volume 10
79 1848-01-02,
Hikaru's eighth game in the pro examinations versus Komiya Eiji. The position is from Shusaku versus Ota Yuzo, 1848-01-02, 26. Not in the Anime.
Hikaru and Isumi play in the Insei Tournament. It is the 12th round. The lunch break position (Ch. 81: after 38 moves) comes from a game between Miyazaki Shimako (B) and Aoki Kikuyo played in round 4 of the 2nd Womens Meijin Sen in February 1990. Later positions in the Hikaru-Isumi game are still similar to this game, but especially the centre of the board (where Isumi makes his illegal move) is different. It is possible (but not probable) that this is not the game that inspired the Manga, and that we have to look further. My theory is that they didn't want a real professional game with an illegal move.
83 1856-11-03 Round 13, the game between Isumi and Waya, it is Honinbo Shuwa versus Murase Yakichi, 1856-11-03.

83 1793-12-17 Same round. The game between Hikaru and Fuku is a castle game of 1793-12-17 (Kansei 5-11-17) between Yasui Senchi (B) and Kono Mototora.
85   Round 15, the game between Isumi and Ochi is not yet identified.
Ch. Volume 11
88   Round 22, the game between Honda and Isumi is not yet identified. Not in the Manga but in Anime vol. 42.
88   Fake Sai on the internet. Said to be a lunch time game between two amateurs involved in helping produce HnGo. White, the fake Sai is a mister Kosemura.
88 1803-05-27 Waya plays on Internet as Zelda versus Tamotu, just shortly before he sees a fake Sai playing. Waya's game is Yasui Chitoku - Okunuki Chisaku, 1803-05-27. Not in the Manga, but in the Anime episode 42 (17:50).
89 1847-09-11 Hikaru and Sai are playing a game when Hikaru finds a good play by thinking, "What would Sai play?" The game is Shusaku (B) versus Honinbo Shuwa played 1847-09-11.
Hikaru and Waya play in the Insei Tournament (26th game of the pro examinations). The game is the second game of the 5th (Asahi) Meijin title match between Cho Chikun (B) and Otake Hideo played in 1980. See also Go World 22 for a special commentary on this very difficult game.
1859-10-26 Hikaru plays Ochi in the Insei Tournament (final game of the pro examinations). The game shown is one between Ebizawa Kenzo (black) and Shusaku played in October 1859. That game ended with W+7, but, very strange as he has komi, Hikaru won only with W+1.5.
94 1993-08-19
Lunch break. The players are standing up.
Vol. 45 (15:33) in the Anime has a quick look at Isumi's game. His opponent is Hino Yasuhiko. The situation on the board is from Sonoda Yasutaku versus Tei Meiko, Oteai, 1993-08-19.
Not in the Manga, which has a quick look at Waya's game in this round just after lunch, which could be Honinbo Shuei (B) vs Yasui Sanei, 1897-07-10, first game of a ten game match. The position is not complete enough to assess definitively.


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