Games from the Manga volume 2-4

Ch. Volume 2
8 1926-09-07,10-18 Hikaru plays Kaga at the school festival. The game shown (up to Hikaru's blunder) is the famous "big fight" between Karigane Junichi (B) and Honinbo Shusai played in 1926.
9 1993-07-28 Hikaru reconstructs a game he has been watching. From the 1993 Highschool Girls Championship between Takei Misa and Haratake Masami -- the latter won with White. It is in the 1994 Kido Yearbook (p. 355).
12 1990-07-19 Hikaru on board 3 against Kaio. An Oteai game between Oka Mitsuo and Kanda Ei (W, winning after 176 moves).
15 1994-06-06 Toya Akira at the Kaio go club studies a game (we see the kifu), which is from the 20th Tengen League, Ishida Yoshio (B) versus Honda Kunio. 137 moves, B+R.
15 1990-05-09 Toya Akira at the Kaio go club beats the club's best player in just 60 moves. It is Ando Akio vs. Fujisawa Kazunari (W), in the Oteai.
  Volume 3
19 1992-05-28 Mitani cheats when counting a game. It is by Michael Redmond and So Kofoku (B), Oteai. B+2 in the real game, W+2 in the story.
Kishimoto challenges Toya Akira to decide who will be Kaio's first captain. Just before that, Akira is studying a game that can only be seen very briefly in the anime (not in the manga). It is a game 17 (from 1853) of the Shusaku versus Ota match.

The other one is not in my database. In the anime it starts as a double hoshi opening (ni-ren-sei).
  Volume 4
27 1860-10-02 Hikaru and Akira play at the Junior High School tournament. The game follows one between Honinbo Shuho (B) and Shusaku played in October 1860 (another source says 08-18) until Hikaru varies at B 39.
29 unknown Commentary on a game in the NCC Cup. Unidentified.
31 unknown Waya (as "Zelda") plays Sai on the Internet. Unidentified.
Interesting detail: the software they use turns the board upside down for the opponent. Is there a go server client that does that?
31 1844-11-12 Waya's game in the preliminary of the pro exam (anime only) is by Yasuda (later Honinbo) Shusaku versus Ito Tokubee.
Hikaru (Sai) playing on the internet while at the Amateur World Championship there is this heated discussion about who Sai is. In two short scenes (only in the anime) we see the games on the screen. The first one is Kobayashi Izumi against Inori Yoko, the final of the 20th Womens' Honinbo in 2001. The second one is again Yasuda Shusaku in 1844, now against Ito Matsujiro.


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