Games from the Manga volume 18-20

I own up to volume 19 in Japanese, the rest is entirely based on information from the Internet.

Ch. Volume 18
5 1990-03-15 Volume 18 is a volume that contains sidestories. There is only one game in the volume, and that is in section 5. Kurata's game is Kobayashi Koichi vs Nakamura Hidehito, in the 16th Tengen League, Round 1.
Ch. Volume 19
149 2000-11-16 First page, this is Ryu Shikun vs Kobayashi Koichi (B), 26th Tengen Final, Game 2
149 not yet found Hikaru's game in this chapter is vs Kawasaki 3d. Honinbo-sen 1st round preliminary
150 1994-08-18 Akira's game vs Ichiryun Sensei: 33rd Judan League, Winners' Section, Round 2, Kobayashi Koichi (B) vs Morita Michihiro
150 1984-04-25 Hikaru's game in this chapter against an unknown opponent. Kisei 1st round preliminary. It is Inoue Hatsue vs. Obuchi Morito in the 1984 Oteai. The game is over after just 90 moves. [2004-03-15]
151 1852-11-27 Hikaru's game in this chapter against unknown opponent: 1852-11-27 (Kaei 5-XI-17) Honinbo Shuwa (B) - Yasui Sanchi (Yasui 9), a Castle Game.
not yet found Hikaru's game against Gokiso (the pro that was selling a fake Shusaku signature in an early episode). Of course he doesn't lose.
1999-02-25 Hikaru plays Kadowaki. It is Imamura Toshio versus Hikosaka Naoto, 24th Gosei League.
156 not yet found Isumi vs Honinbo Kuwabara
Ch. Volume 20
not yet found Honda meets the new shodan star from the Kansai Kiin, Yashiro. Yashiro plays Tengen (only that move is shown). Later Honda also plays Tengen against Hikaru. I have been unable to identify that game.
160 1993-04-22 Quite a busy chapter.

Hikaru is playing Morishita sensei in the second stage of the Honinbo Tournament.
Hikaru's game is actually Cho Chikun (B) versus Yi Ch'ang-ho from the 4th Tong Yang Securities Cup played 1993-04-22.
160 1994-06-03 Meanwhile Toya Koyo is playing the young Korean star Ko Yonha in a casual game in Korea.
Toyo Koyo's game is Zhang Wendong (black) versus Cho Chikun from the 7th Fujitsu Cup played 1994-06-03.
160 1992-05-14 And Toya Akira is playing Ogata sensei in the Honinbo league.
Akira's game is from 1992-05-14: Sakakibara Shoji vs Sonada Yuichi in the Tengen league.
163 1998-07-08 Hikaru plays Shibata 3-dan from the Chubu (Nagoya) branch in the qualifying tournament for the Hokuto Tournament. The game shown is Yamashita Keigo (black) versus Nakano Yasuhiro played 1998-07-08 in the Shinjin-O tournament.
163 1998-06-05 Yashiro's game is Chang Hao vs O Rissei, 11th Fujitsu Cup.
164 1998-08-20 First page: Waya's game is Onda Yasuhiko vs Mimura Tomoyasu (from the 1998 Oteai)
164 1998-02-13 Ochi's game is Yamashiro Hiroshi vs Omori Yasushi (23rd Gosei). Note that the four games from this round of the qualifying tournamnent all come from the same Kido yearbook.
164 2000-03-19 Hikaru and Yashiro play the first two moves of their game in the second round of the Hokuto Tournament. The opening moves are already so unusual, that we can be pretty confident that this is the game: the 30th Shin'ei Final between Takao Shinji and Yamashita Keigo. This game continues in the next chapter, from which the picture is taken.


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