Games from the Manga volume 21-23

Ch. Volume 21
166 not yet found The game between Ochi and Waya is unidentified.
167 not yet found The game between Ochi and Yashiro is unidentified.
170 1998-04-23 Of this chapter I only have scans of poor quality. On one of the first pictures the press is gathered around a board in the Chinese City League. It is not the board of Toya Koyo, the players remain unnamed. This scene seems to be set in Korea. The position on the board is after move 30 in a game between Yoda Norimoto and O Meien, from the 46th Oza League.
170 2002-02-25 In the same chapter we see a game on TV. Again in Korea. Is it from the 1st KTF Cup, Pak Yeong-hun - Kim Seung-chun (B).
173 2000-11-12 Yashiro vs Toya (who misreads a corner) -- Chinen Kaori vs Inoru Yoko, 19th Women's Honinbo Final, Game 5
1965-01-20 Shindo vs Toya Akira. Analysing the game, Shindo gets angry with himself. It is a game between Fujisawa Hosai and Shimamura Toshihiro, the second game in the three game final of the 9th Igo Championship. [2004-03-15]
Ch. Volume 22
2001-06-24 The first three games of the Hokuto Cup. The Game of Hikaru is O Rissei (B) vs Yu Ch'ang-hyeok (W) from the 3rd Chunlan Cup (China) Round 2 on 2001-06-24. Now also with annotated game record!
1999-12-09 Same round. Toya's game is Hikosaka Naoto vs Ryu Shikun in the 55th Honinbo League, 1999-12-09.
2000-07-23 Same round. Yashiro's game is Yamashita Keigo vs Kobayashi Koichi, 2000-07-23, the 3rd game in the 25th Gosei match.
Ch. Volume 23
184 2002-08-03 The big match has started! With Hikaru taking Black on board one against Ko Yongha. It is Yi Se-tol versus Yu Ch'ang-hyeok, 15th Fujitsu Final, 2002-08-03 (W+0.5). There will be some exciting chapters ahead of us, because this is realy a top class fighting game, worthy of champions. Now I also got an very well annotated game record of this game. Read what black did wrong so that white could cut as in the picture!
184 2002-03-19 The second board game (Toya Akira's) is between Yamashita Keigo and Pak Yeong-hun from the first Toyota-Denso World Cup, 2002-03-19 (W+R). Kurata is bending over a position in panel 11 that occurs in that game after 22 moves. This is again one of those well known recent games that stick in your mind because of the unusual position in the lowerleft: cutting through the tsuke-nobi which we amateurs were told never to do :-)
184 1980-07-17 Yashiro's game is originally from 1980, from the 5th Meijin League. This picture is from chap. 185, after 126 moves in the game between Kato Masao and Hashimoto Utaro.
Probably both one-shots of Summer 2003 will end up in vol. 23 as well, but there are no interesting games in the one shots.


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