Games from the Manga volume 12-14

Ch. Volume 12
101 1996-06-14 Sai plays Toya Meijin during Hikaru's "1 dan - 9 dan" game. The game is Cho Chikun (B) versus Otake Hideo in the preliminaries of the 44th Oza Sen.
Ch. Volume 13
105 2000-12-16 Another come together of the study group of Morishita 9 dan. They are looking at the 2000-12-16 game in the 20th NEC Cup between Kobayashi Satoru (B) and Cho Chikun.
105 2000-12-21 2000-12-21 26th Gosei Round 2, Kataoka Satoshi vs Cho Sonjin. Hikaru playing Sai (In the anime vol. 52 this is just before the study group).
109 1990-06-26 Toya Meijin wins the 4th game in the Judan match against Ogata. The real game is by Rin Kaiho (white, W+6.5) and Liu Xiaoguang, 3rd Tengen/Tianyuan match, game 3, 1996-06-26.
110 1987-02-25,
Toya Meijin plays an internet game against "LL", the Chinese winner of the World Amateur Go Championship going on in chapters 32-34. The game shown is game 5 of the 1987 Kisei match between Takemiya Masaki (black) and Kobayashi Koichi played in 1987.
1997-05-01 Sai plays Touya Meijin on the internet. The game shown is Rin Kaiho (B) vs Yoda Norimoto from the 22nd (Asahi) Meijin League played in May 1997.
Ch. Volume 14
119 1976-12-02 Kurata is playing against Kamaishi Yoshiro in the 1st round of the Oza League. In the Anime it is very clear that it is 1976-12-02, Kato versus Ishida, 2nd Meijin League. Once you know that, it is also recognisable in the Manga.
119 1974-06-26,
Kurata is looking at the Kifu of the fifth game of the Judan Match between Ogata and Toya Meijin. It is 1974-06-26,27 26th Honinbo Final, Game 5, Ishida Yoshio vs Takemiya Masaki.
120 1984-10-22 In chapter 120 Hikaru plays a one colour Go game against Kurata -- so now you know why it is so difficult to find the right game. It is Kobayashi Satoru (w) versus Su Kaiseki, 1984-10-22, Oteai. The situation where Hikaru resigns is not the end of the real game, that one goes on a bit longer.


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