Anime episodes 11-20 additional games

Note: there was a New Year special anime between 12 and 13, kind of compilation of 1-12, no new games appeared in it.

12 (7:09)1853-07-10Kishimoto challenges Toya Akira to decide who will be Kaio's first captain. Just before that, Akira is studying a game that can only be seen very briefly in the anime (not in the manga). It is a game 17 (from 1853) of the Shusaku versus Ota match.
16 (9:03)1844-11-12Waya's game in the preliminary of the pro exam is by Yasuda (later Honinbo) Shusaku versus Ito Tokubee. Again this is a very short scene in the anime.
17 (7:40 and 10:35)2001-10-11
Hikaru (Sai) playing on the internet while at the Amateur World Championship there is this heated discussion about who Sai is. In two short scenes (not in the manga) we see the games on the screen. The first one is Kobayashi Izumi against Inori Yoko, the final of the 20th Womens' Honinbo in 2001. The second one is again Yasuda Shusaku in 1844, now against Ito Matsujiro.


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