Anime episodes 71-75 additonal games

72 (20:06)1996-11-21The game between Zama sensei and Toya Akira is from the 22nd Tengen match, game 2, between Ryu Shikun and Rin Kaiho. Not in the manga (chapter 143).
74 (7:58)1998-06-04A Go Weekly article about Hong SuYon has a diagram, that comes from Hiraoka Satoshi - Kim Ch'an-u, 20th World Amateur Championship. Kim was the first Korean to win it.
74 (17:18)1998-10-21The board behind Hikaru shows Sakai Hideyuki - Harada Minoru, Japanese qualifier match for the 21st World Amateur Championship.
75 (3:56)1993-10-28The third time at least that the Yoda Norimoto - Kuwata Yasuaki game is used (also in 29 and 42). It is the board in the foreground (lunchbreak in the Hikaru-Akira game).


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