Games from the Manga volume 8-9

Ch. Volume 8
61 unknown Hikaru plays Sai. Sai tells him to play the ogeima, not the kogeima. 40 moves have been played. Unknown game.
61 1808-06 "And Toya ... rose to two dan". Quite fittingly the game shown is Nagasaka Inosuke, 2 dan winning with black against Honinbo Jowa. 1808-06. The 16th game in a 21 games match.
62 1850-06-04 Hikaru lets Sai play against Kadowaki. In the Anime we can see an old fashioned joseki develop, the Manga has one scene with the game a few moves later. It's an 1850 game between Honinbo Shusaku vs. Nakagawa Junsetsu. Shusaku has black and really crushes his opponent (15 points).
63 1973-08-28,
Ogata 9 dan challanges Kuwabara Honinbo in game 7 of the Honinbo Sen. The game shown is the first game of the 12th (Yomiuri) Meijin Sen between Rin Kaiho (B) and Ishida Yoshio played in August 1973.
1776-05-11 First game in the preliminary for the professional tournament. Hikaru plays the bearded man (Tsubaki-kun). It is an old game between Suzuki Gennojo and Wakayama Ritcho.
67 1785-12-18
Isumi's game in the Go Club is (around move 159) Yasui Senchi Senkaku, black, versus Inoue Intatsu Inseki.
Waja's game is by Honinbo Shuei vs Ishii Senji. The same game is used in various other places in the manga, for instance in volume 9, chapter 77.
Ch. Volume 9
70 1998-05-24
In this chapter the team Hikaru, Waya and Isumi play handicap games in go saloons. In the first match Hikaru plays against Kawai, the taxidriver. It is a game between amateur Yoshida Shuichi and Ishida Yoshio, 9d. It was published in I-go journal in August 1998. It was brought to my attention by one of Shuichi's friends, Toru Imamura - a KGS admin who lives in France. The other two games are still unknown.
70 1881-06-19
The second three are found. The far board is 1881-06-19, Murase Shuho giving three stones to Hayashi Sano. The middle board is 1911-07-29, Honinbo Shusai winning against Takeda Itsuko. Finally the front board is Honinbo Dosaku winning against Sendai Jiseibo, 1682-07-18
Toya Akira plays a simul on 4 boards and makes every game a jigo. Board 2 and 4 are identified games: 1768-12-25, 3 stones, between Lord Sakai of Ishimi vs Inoue Shuntatsu Inseki and 1769, 5 stones, a castle game between Tsugaru Ryosaku and Yasui Sentetsu
1995-02-03 Hikaru Shindo plays Hon Suyon. This exciting game is between Yun Yeong-seon (W) and Yi Cheong-weon (B), both Korean female professionals 1d, played 1995-02-03.
75 Anime
Ep. 35 (15:07)
  There are four more brief scenes of games in the anime -- in the flash back to Hon Suyon in Korea -- three of which have been recognized.
77 1897-11-21 A board shown during the lunch break, I do not know who are playing. It is 1897-11-21, Honinbo Shuei versus Ishii Senji.
77 1989-06-29 Hikaru's first game in the pro examinations versus Iijima. Only one picture, but with a clear view of the position in the game. There is one black stone that should not yet have been on the board, but otherwise the position is unmistakebly from Kawamoto Noboru versus Miwa Yoshiro, both 8 dan, Oteai, 1989-06-29.
Ep. 37 (15:07)
1989-09-07 One game in the anime is the fourth game in the pro examinations. Hikaru plays a girl, Kitahara Yuriko. The position shown is the end of Hane Yasumasa - Takemiya Masaki, 1989-09-07 in the 15th Tengen. Not in the Manga.


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