Games from the Manga volume 1

All the pictures are from scanlations on the Internet (none of them any longer available AFAIK).

Ch. Volume 1
1 1669-11-07
Fujiwara no Sai plays against his rival teacher to the emperor, who cheats.
It is very difficult to see, but I am convinced now. How clever that this has been found. It is 1669-11-07 (Kanbun 9-10-14), Honinbo Dosaku vs. Yasui Chitetsu (W, wins).

In the Anime it is a different game: of Inoue Genan Inseki vs Honinbo Shuwa on 1840-12-22~26, 1841-01-01, 02, 04, 05.
2 1851-07-01
Hikaru goes to Go Class for the first time. Taking a break, he sees a game from a Tengen match on the TV. Black is Toya Meijin.

In the Anime it is the situation after move 16 in Shusaku vs Sekiyama Sendayu (B), 1851-07-01. But in the Manga it is 1993-02-08 Takemiya vs. Otake (B), 18th Meijin League, the situation after about 25 moves.

There is another Go Class scene in the anime (not in the manga). Hikaru is given a book with a game to study. It is Shusaku versus Ebisawa (1859-11-26). I knew this but forgot to include it.
2 1851-11-15 Hikaru (or rather Sai) plays Toya Akira at the Go club for the first time. The game shown is between Shusaku (B) and Honinbo Shuwa, played in 1851. (Note: in the Anime this is before the Go Class scene.)
3 Pattern
The tesuji that Hikaru (Sai) spotted immediately actually happened in a real game. This two-stone handicap game between Shinomiya Yonezo (B) and Honinbo Jowa was used as an example. The board position shown in the manga is very similar to this game but slightly altered. Note that in the actual game white loses the corner but still wins the game by a large margin.
5 1851-11-14 Sai thinks about Shidogo. One of the positions shown is from a three stone game of 1851-11-14 (Honinbo Shuwa vs Murase Yakichi).
5 Pattern
The second game between Sai and Toya Akira. There is no game with this kosumi of Black 7 in my database. There is so much information that we can reconstruct the first 24 moves.
The anime shows us the fight in one corner, and that comes from a game between Shuwa and Yasui Sanchi from 1832. Now that I know that, I can see that some flashbacks in the manga show the same fight. The rest might still be based upon another game, or it might come from the imagination of Umezawa Yukari. We do not know, but my original assumption that this "must have been" based on one game was a bit too simple.
1900-04-17 Hikaru plays the Meijin on 3 stones, but runs away after a couple of moves after he plays a move different from the one that Sai tells him to play . That move by Sai does not occur in any game in the database, but for Hikaru's move GoGoD has a game between Tamura Yasuhisa 6d and Iwasa Kei 2d from 1900-04-17.


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