Games from the Manga volume 15-17

Ch. Volume 15
122 1993-07-15 Hikaru's first pro game (playing black) against Suzuki Ayumu. It's Wu Songsheng versus Yu Ch'ang-hyeok (Black, B+R), 1993-07-15, 11th Taewang Tournament, Losers' section. Yes, Wu is Chinese, but he played in South Korea in those days.
124 1997-05-31
Hikaru/Sai plays a game against Ogata {who is drunk}. There is only one snapshot of the game (in the end). It is is Takemiya Masaki vs O Meien in the 17th NEC Cup, round 1.
124 1997-12-13 There's a demo game going on later in this chapter, that is Takemiya - Cho Chikun, 17th NEC Cup round 2, 1997-12-13. In the anime it is a different, unidentified, game.
124 1998-02-14 1998-02-14, 17th NEC Cup Final, Kobayashi Satoru vs Cho Chikun. The board position where Sai disappears.
127 1859-10-26 Kawai, the taxi driver, against the strongest player of Hiroshima. It is again Ebizawa Kenzo (black) and Shusaku played in October 1859. Hikaru's game in this chapter is not yet identified.
129 1846-07-21
Two Shusaku games from 1846/1847. Hikaru is looking at game records. On the right hand side there is the famous ear-reddening move game versus Inoue Genan Inseki X (1846-07-21,24,25). On the left we see a part of a game that Shusaku lost against Tsuruoka Saburosaku (1847-10-05). Dates given are lunar dates.
Ch. Volume 16
135 1993-08-12 Isumi plays his second game against Lee Pin in China. The game shown is game 2 of the 6th Mingren title match - Ma Xiaochun (B) versus Cao Dayuan played 1993-08-12.
Ch. Volume 17

Both games of Akira towards the end of this chapter were played in reality by the then very young Takemiya Masaki. There is a little joke here. Both times the opponent is the veteran Fukuhara Yoshitora. The first game is from the 5th Pro Best Ten, 2nd Preliminary, with Takemiya black. The second is from the 4th Pro Best Ten, 2nd Preliminary , with Takemiya white. [2004-03-15]
143 1977-10-11 Ogata Judan wins the game five of the Gosei Sen and with it the title as well. The game shown is Takemiya Masaki (black) versus Rin Kaiho from the quarterfinals of the second Kisei sen, played 1977-11-10.
1995-05-02 Hikaru vs. Toya Akira is Honda Kunihisa (B) vs Nakano Hironari, 47th NHK Cup, Round 1, 1995-05-02
147 1997-12-13 In the playing hall we see a lot of games going on. Left of Hikaru and Akira is a game that is between Cho Chikun and Takemiya Masaki from the 17th NEC Cup, round 2. The same game was used in chapter 124.
147 1998-04-30 In the same picture to the extreme right is a game between Cho Chikun and Akiyama Jiro from the 37th Judan League, round 1.


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