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September - October 2003 A weblog

I was one of the guest officials for the 1st InCheon World Amateur Baduk Championship (Korea). While in Incheon, I kept a diary in the form of a weblog. After my return to the Netherlands I reworked and expanded it, made a lot of corrections and put it into it's final form.

It has been a trip that started with communication problems and uncertainties, but soon became a splendid event and an unforgettable experience. The gratitute of all the players and guest officials goes to the organisers, the many sponsors and many, many volunteers that helped make this event a success. To show my gratitude, a little portrait gallery of four of the organisers and volunteers.

Professor Lee

"Engine" Kim

Name unknown

Mr Park

October 5th 2003Pictures

For those that requested a copy of some of the pictures I took, there will be several pages with pictures (see the links on the left). Please note that all pictures are my copyright but can be used freely for further publications in Baduk related articles in magazines and on the web, as long as you mention the author's copyright. High resolution pictures will be about 1.5 Mbyte. That is more than enough for proper publishing. Most of them will come from a web server at my home that has limited bandwidth (but unlimited space). If you do not get a response, that server is not up. Try in the weekend.

October 15th 2003
I can see that many people have tried to download pictures. Sorry for the limited bandwidth, that cannot be helped. If you plan to do something interesting with them, please let me know!

December 23 2003
Better pictures index.