Baduk school

Baduk school. The youngest group is in the basement.

2003-09-30Baduk school

In the afternoon we visited the Yeom-soo Baduk School in Incheon that has over 300 pupils. Of the six Baduk schools it is the biggest in the country. But there are also thousands of baduk class rooms attached to ordinary schools.

This Baduk school, existing 13 years, has produced over 20 professionals. Depending on the level and age of the students and on the amount of tuition they get, it costs between 300 and 500 dollar per month.

It is hard work and a lot of study.

Baduk school

Baduk school (2). The excercises for the day are on the board on the wall.

Most students follow the regular school until 4 o'clock, then have the baduk classes until 9 in the evening. Other students (the more talented I suppose) already come immediately after lunch (around 12 o'clock).

Students that come from far away get lodging. As far as I understoood, the youngest of those was only six years old.

Baduk school

Baduk school (3). Same classroom from a different angle.

Baduk school

Baduk school (4). Playing through a game record.