2003-10-05Games from the first six rounds

From the first six rounds only two games of Emil Nijhuis were written down: only round 1 and round 6.   I have added some other interesting games from the first six rounds.

1Dmytro Bogatskiy (Ukrain)Emil Nijhuis (Netherlands)B+R
1Vesa Laatikanen (Finland)Suhkjoo Yoon (Canada)B+R
3Sun Guoyi (China)Hiraoka Satoshi (Japan)W+R
4Yi-cheng Shin (Taiwan)Kim Junghwan (Korea)W+R
5Sun Guoyi (China)Yi-cheng Shin (Taiwan)B+R
6Kim Junghwan (Korea)Hiraoka Satoshi (Japan)B+R
6Emil Nijhuis (Netherlands)Leszek Soldan (Poland)B+R

Semi-finals and final

I do not have the .sgf-files yet, but these games can be replayed on www.tygem.com. Following are the links.

Final between Korea and Japan
Emil wins third place against Dmytro
Semi-final: Emil against Japan
Semi-final: Dmytro against Korea