Cho wins 71 Titles

Almost all titles use a system where there is a final game or a final match. The exception is the Kakusei, which was until 1986 organized as a round robin tournament. The following pictograms are links to those finals or match games.

: Cho wins with Black.       : Cho wins with white.
: Cho loses with Black.      : Cho loses with white.
: No result with Black.       : No result with white.

EVENT - OPPONENT - SCORE 1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7
 119735th Shin'ei, Hane Yasumasa
 219746th Shin'ei, Kobayashi Koichi
 3197512th Pro Best Ten, Kato Masao 3-0
 41976Asahi Top Eight Players Tournament, Fujisawa Shuko 2-1
 5 24th Oza, Otake Hideo 2-1
 619778th Shin'ei, Tokimoto Hajime
 719794th Gosei, Otake Hideo 3-0
 819805th Meijin, Otake Hideo 4-1, 1 no result
 9198136th Honinbo, Takemiya Masaki 4-2
10 6th Meijin, Kato Masao 4-0    
1119824th Kakusei, Hashimoto Shoji
(playoff after they shared first place in the league)
12 20th Judan, Otake Hideo 3-1
13 37th Honinbo, Kobayashi Koichi 4-2
14 7th Meijin, Otake Hideo 4-1
1519837th Kisei, Fujisawa Shuko 4-3
16 30th NHK Cup, Otake Hideo
17 8th Meijin, Otake Hideo 4-1
1819843rd NEC Cup, Sakata Eio
19 8th Kisei, Rin Kaiho 4-2
20 9th Meijin, Otake Hideo 4-3
2119854th NEC Cup, Kobayashi Koichi
22 9th Kisei, Takemiya Masaki 4-3
23 7th Kakusei (won the league 3-1)  
24198618th Hayago Championship, Kobayashi Koichi 2-1
25 11th Gosei, Otake Hideo 3-0
26198713th Tengen, Kobayashi Koichi 3-2
27198826th Judan, Kato Masao 3-2
28 14th Tengen, Sonoda Yuichi 3-2    
29198927th Judan, Rin Kaiho 3-0
30 44th Honinbo, Takemiya Masaki 4-0
31199045th Honinbo, Kobayashi Koichi 4-3
32 23rd Hayago Championship, Rin Kaiho
33199146th Honinbo, Kobayashi Koichi 4-2
34 4th Fujitsu Cup, Qian Yuping by forfeit  
35 1st Ryusei, Ishida Yoshio
36 24th Hayago Championship, Yuki Satoshi
37199239th NHK Cup, O Rissei
38 47th Honinbo, Kobayashi Koichi 4-3
39 25th Hayago Championship, O Rissei
40199348th Honinbo, Yamashiro Hiroshi 4-1
41 3rd Ryusei, Ryu Shikun
42199418th Kisei, Kobayashi Koichi 4-2
43 49th Honinbo, Kataoka Satoshi 4-3
44 42nd Oza, Kato Masao 3-2
45199550th Honinbo, Kato Masao 4-1
46199643rd NHK Cup, Kobayashi Satoru
47 2nd JT Cup, Nakaonoda Tomomi
48 20th Kisei, Kobayashi Satoru 4-3
49 51st Honinbo, Ryu Shikun 4-2
50 29th Hayago Championship, Yoda Norimoto
51 21st Meijin, Takemiya Masaki 4-2
52199721st Kisei, Kobayashi Satoru 4-1
53  52nd Honinbo, Kato Masao 4-0
54 22nd Meijin, Kobayashi Koichi 4-2
55199822nd Kisei, Yoda Norimoto 4-2
56 53rd Honinbo, O Rissei 4-2
57 23rd Meijin, O Rissei 4-2, 1 no result
58199923rd Kisei, Kobayashi Koichi 4-2
59 24th Meijin, Yoda Norimoto 4-1
60200019th NEC Cup, Kato Masao
61200120th NEC Cup, Kato Masao
62 34th Hayago Championship, Kobayashi Koichi
63 49th Oza, O Rissei 3-0
64200235th Hayago Championship, Ishida Yoshio  
65 9th Agon Cup, Cho U  
6620038th Samsung Cup, Pak Yeong-hun 2-1
6720042nd JAL Super Hayago
68200543rd Judan Title, O Rissei 3-2
69200644th Judan Title, Yamashita Keigo 3-1
70200754th NHK Cup
71 45th Judan Title, Yamashita Keigo 3-2

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