Nec 2001 winner


The season is nearly over. Cho started it with only one title to his name: winner of the 19th NEC Cup. Being without a major title was so unusual, that Cho has been given the honorary title of "25th Honinbo". In the big three titles, Cho came very close to becoming the challenger, but each time not close enough. He won the 20th NEC Cup and the 34th Hayago (Tokyo Cup). He ended the year with a 3-0 victory in the Oza title match.

It was also a busy year, 47-20 according to the Kido Yearbook: [2001].


Winning the 35th Hayago and the 9th Agon Cup breaks an old record of Sakata: it brings Cho's to 65 title.

39-26 according to the Kido Yearbook: [2002]


Wins the 8th Samsung in the end of 2003.




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