1991-1995: Honinbo

hononbo 1991

Cho keeps the Honinbo title in this period, in fact he will lose it only after ten continuous years in 1998. He doesn't succeeed in getting into the Meijin matches, in the leagues he is usually number two or three.

More and more international tournaments come into existence, such as the Ing cup, the Tong Yang, the Fujitsu, and so on. Cho has never done very well in these tournaments, his only win is the 4th Fujitsu Cup in 1991. In a funny way though, his opponent Qian Yuping is too ill to play the final.


Loses the Judan match (2-3) against Takemiya. Wins the Honinbo match (4-2) against Kobayashi Koichi. Does lose the play-off match (1-2) for the Kisei against Yamashiro Hiroshi.

Games: [1991]. The total score this year is 30-17.


Wins the Honinbo (4-3)against Kobayashi Koichi. Loses the Ing Cup semi-final match (1-2) against Seo Bongsoo.

Games: [1992]. The total score this year is 31-16.

kisei 1994


Wins the Honinbo (4-1) against Yamashiro Hiroshi. Loss of the Tong Yang Cup final (0-2) against Lee Chang Ho. Becomes challenger for the Kisei match by beating Kato Masao (2-1) in in the play-off match.

Games: [1993]. The total score this year is 26-13.


Wins the Kisei (4-2) from Kobayashi. The Honinbo again goes all the way (4-3) against Kataoka Satoshi. Wins the Oza from Kato Masao (3-2).

Games: [1994]. The total score this year is 33-19.


Something goes wrong in the Kisei, and challenger Kobayashi Satoru wins (4-2) unexpectedly. In the Honinbo Kato Masao is hardly a match (4-1). But the Oza goes to O Rissei (0-3). Finally by the end of the year, Kato is again the victim in the Kisei play-off match (2-0).

Games: [1995]. The total score this year is 31-25.



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