The 2004 New year special
On 2004-01-03 a new year special anime was aired on Tokyo TV. Very soon hard to download copies appeared on the net. After 30 hours I had one. See the Pictures of the 2004 New year Special.

No longer maintained?
This page still gets more than 20 visitors each day, so there is certainly an interest in it, but I haven't found any useful new links since June 2003, so it is hard to say whether this page is really maintained. In any case, I am interested why you think it is still useful, and also if you have new links for me, questions or suggestions please mail me at the address below.

The end.
In case you do not know, Hikaru no Go has ended. The anime stopped after episode 75. The manga ran until episode 189, after that there were two one shot episodes in the summer. That's it.

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