6th Maxim Cup on Baduk TV

November 2004: because I have not yet seen records of these games anywhere, I started writing them down. The games are quite interesting. See the subpage.

Internet feeds of KBS Satellite TV

The broadcast of the KBS Cup is each Sunday. Comments are normally by No Yeong-ha 9p with help of Kim Seong-ryong 8p , but on 05-09 Kim Seong-ryong had to play himself so this time Han Hae-weon 2p was the assistent. Although I do not understand Korean, it is still possible to follow most of what they demonstrate.
     Another event that has been broadcasted recently is the 16th TV Asian Cup. This is organized by KBS, NHK and CCTV. It is more or less the World Championship rapid play. Time limits are 30 seconds per move plus ten extra periods of one minute, the same as in the NHK Cup. The games came from a studio in Tokyo.

Internet feeds of Baduk TV

Sometimes I can get the Internet feeds of Baduk TV, a 24 hours Baduk TV Channel on cable television. There the new 2004 Korean Baduk League has just started, the follow up of the Dream League. It is a team match, with every team consisting of four players. They have one match per week, i.e. four games per week at this moment. All games are on the subpage, this page has some games from the league with comments.
    What makes these games so interesting is that is shows the enormous strength of the young Korean pro players. Almost without exceptions until now the lower dans win.

Also there are the Osram Cup (or Korean Young Stars Cup). You can find most Osram cup games also on the more familiar sites such as Gobase or Go4Go, but this particular game has not been mentioned yet in the West.

Finally a tournament sponsored by Etland, called the first King of Kings tournament, that I had not seen mentioned anywhere else in English language baduk sites. It took me some while to figure out how it worked, but I have now a complete overview of the tournament. The games to the right here are with notes from Baduk TV, all other and uncommented (versions of the) game records are to be found in the link above.