The 1st King of Kings Tournament

A tournament sponsored by Etland features on Baduk TV. I first called it the Etland Cup, but now I know it is called the King of Kings tournament. It is the first time this is held. It is a rapid play tournament with 20 seconds per move and three extra periods of one minute.

Part 1

It has started with three knock-out divisions of eight players each. Before those divisions were formed, 197 professionals competed in the crowded playing room of the KBA building to enter (see picture below). Of course -- those games were not recorded.

The first divison is for younger players under 25. The second division is for players from 25 to 50. The third division is for players aged above 50. The following tables give the final standing. The one game missing in the Tiger group was not played: Paek had to withdraw.

Dragon group (under 25)

Pak Seung-hun 4d Hong Hong Ch'oe
Hong Seong-chi 3d
Pak Pyoeng-kyu 4d Pak Y
Pak Yeong-hun 5d
Ch'oe Ch'eol-han 8d Ch'oe Ch'oe
Cho Han-seung 7d
Song T'ae-kon 7d Song
Kim Chu-ho 4d

Tiger group (25-50)

Ch'oe Kyu-peong 9d Ch'oe Yi Rui
Kim Seong-ryong 8d
Kim Ch'an-u 3d Yi
Yi Sang-hun 4d
Kim Yeong-sam 6d Rui Rui
Rui Naiwei 9d
Paek Tae-hyeon 5d Paek
Ch'oe Myeong-hun 9d

Rui Naiwei wins the final (see picture below) against Yi Sang-hun (brother of Yi Se-tol).

Phoenix group (over 50)

Pak Chong-yeol 4d Pak Pak Cho
Hong Chong-hyeon 9d
Im Sun-t'aek 4d Im
Kim Chong-chun 5d
Ko Chae-heui 7d Ko Cho
Yun Ki-hyeon 9d
Chang Su-yeong 9d Cho
Cho Hun-hyeon 9d

Part 2

The second part matches all the players against each other in one big knock out tournament. The first games were played on 2004-07-06. Again there is already one game missing: probably it was not played.

Pak Chong-yeol 4d Kim S      
Kim Seong-ryong 8d Kim S
Kim Chong-chun 5d
Ch'oe Kyu-peong 9d Ch'oe K
Ch'oe Myeong-hun 9d Ch'oe M
Cho Han-seung 7d
Ch'oe Ch'eol-han 8d Ch'oe C  
Im Sun-t'aek 4d Yun
Yun Ki-hyeon 9d
Cho Hun-hyeon 9d Cho H
Paek Tal-hyeon 5d Paek
Ko Chae-heui 7d
Yi Sang-hun 4d      
Hong Chong-hyeon 9d Kim C
Kim Ch'an-u 3d
Pak Seung-hun 4d  
Song T'ae-kon 7d Song T
Pak Yeong-hun 5d
Hong Seong-chi 3d Kim C  
Kim Yeong-sam 6d Kim C
Kim Chu-ho 4d
Rui Naiwei 9d Chang
Pak Pyeong-kyu 4d Chang
Chang Su-yeong 9d

Sources: Baduk TV and the Korean Baduk Association sites. Cyberoro has a special Etland subsite, I discovered later thanks to an e-mail from Scryer.