Games of Cho Chikun against Hane Yasumasa

Hane Yasumasa (born 1944) became professional in 1955. He is a professional at the Central (Nagoya) Branch of the Nihon Ki-in. He won the Oza in 1990.

Father of Hane Naoki, and at least one person I know is convinced that father and son Touya in Hikaru no Go are "of course" inpired by father and son Hane.

One of the first Go professionals to play a game on the Internet Go Server in december 1993 when he visited the Netherlands. See an interview that Pieter Mioch made and that can be found on gobase.

Cho won, early in his career, the 5th Shin'ei Final against Hane, the first game in the list below, which is quite interesting.

Nr. Date Event & Result Mvs
11973-06-255th Shin'ei Final (W, W+R)210
21974-05-02Oteai (B, B+R)165
31979-04-054th Gosei League (B, B+R)169
41980-07-035th Meijin League (W, W+R)166
51982-11-047th Kisei, Strongest Players' Quarter-final (B, B+7.5)252
61984-04-199th Gosei, Quarter-final (W, B+R)189
71985-05-1611th Tengen, Round 2 (W, W+R)186
81986-08-2125th Judan, Preliminaries (W, W+R)152
91986-12-136th NEC Cup, Round 2 (B, B+R)187
101986/19879th Kakusei (?, -)?
111989-01-1244th Honinbo League (B, B+R)173
121989-03-1614th Gosei, Round 3 (B, B+R)173
131989-09-1437th Oza, Challengers' semi-final (W, B+R)295
141990-03-2215th Gosei, Round 3 (W, B+R)141
151993-09-2318th Kisei, Strongest Players Quarter-final (B, B+R)175
161996-11-283rd JT Cup, Round 2 (B, B+6.5)246
172005-02-1030th Kisei Preliminary Group 1, Round 1 (B, B+R)163

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