Games of Cho Chikun against Cho Hun-hyeon

Cho Hun-hyeon is Korea's greatest player of all time. He has won more than 150 titles, and in one year held all the 9 titles (1980). Tragically, he got a lot less publicity for that achievement in the Korean press than Cho Chikun for his first (Meijin) title the same year. See this column.

He was also the first player to win all (then) three international titles (Ing, Fujitsu and Tong Yang). In recent years he lost most of his titles to his pupil Yi Ch'ang-ho.

Born 1953-03-10. He became 1d in Korea in 1962 and 2d in 1963 but in October that year he moved to Japan to study as a live-in pupil under Segoe Kensaku, becoming an insei again but now 4k under the Japanese system. He made it to 5 dan before returning to Korea in 1972. He became the first 9 dan in Korea in 1982. A translation of a book about his career can be found on gobase.

The list below is not yet complete. There is at least one more game (an Oza preliminary of 1969 that Cho Chikun won).

Nr. Date Event & Result Mvs
11965-10-231965 Insei Tournament (B, W+R)182
21969-06-11Oteai (B, B+)?
31980-12-31Games to mark first return visit to Korea by Cho Chikun, sponsored by Dong-A Newspaper, Game 1 of 2 (B, B+3.5)196
41981-01-02Special Commemorative Games, Game 2 of 2 (W, W+5.5)254
51992-08-204th TV Asia Championship, Quarter-final (W, B+R)189
61996-06-271st LG Cup, Round 2 (W, B+1.5)185
71997-06-292nd LG Cup, Round 2 (W, B+R)205
82000-04-1013th Fujitsu Cup, Round 2 (W, B+R)141
92000-06-155th LG Cup, Round 2 (W, B+R)131
102001-06-146th LG Cup, Round 2 (W, B+R)161
112002-05-027th LG Cup, Round 2 (B, W+R)246
122003-10-168th Samsung Cup, Quarter-final (B, B+R)207

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