Games of Cho Chikun against Yoda Norimoto

Nr. Date Event & Result Mvs
11990-02-2215th Meijin League (B, B+3.5)226
21990-03-2423rd Hayago Championship, Round 1 (B, B+6.5)261
31990-06-233rd IBM Hayago Open, Round 2 (W, W+R)Incompl.
41990-11-0829th Judan, Winners' Section Final (B, B+3.5)225
51991-01-3016th Meijin League (W, B+0.5)265
61991-02-1429th Judan, Challengers' Final (W, W+0.5)245
71991-02-1738th NHK Cup, Round 3 (W, B+11.5)286
81991-10-0330th Judan, Losers' Section, Round 2 (B, B+7.5)239
91992-03-0517th Gosei, Round 2 (W, B+3.5)213
101992-08-0617th Meijin League (B, B+4.5)249
111992-12-2431st Judan, Losers' Section Semi-final (B, W+0.5)247
121993-02-0418th Meijin League (W, B+R)209
131993-04-1532nd Judan, Winners' Section, Round 1 (W, B+R)193
141993-07-2426th Hayago Championship, Round 2 (B, W+0.5)266
151993-12-1616th Kakusei, Semi-final (W, W+3.5)263
161994-01-0619th Meijin League (B, B+2.5)323
171994-02-2613th NEC Cup, Semi-final (W, W+0.5)292
181994-07-2833rd Judan, Winners' Section, Round 1 (W, B+R)151
191994-09-1542nd Oza, Semi-final (B, B+R)195
201995-01-1233rd Judan, Losers' Section Final (B, W+0.5)244
211995-10-237th Tong Yang Securities Cup, Round 2 (W, W+1.5)224
221996-06-0621st Gosei, Challengers' Final (W, B+R)133
231996-07-0421st Meijin League (W, W+0.5)251
241996-08-103rd Ing Cup, Semi-final, Game 1 (W, W+)288
251996-08-123rd Ing Cup, Semi-final, Game 2 (B, W+)202
261996-08-143rd Ing Cup, Semi-final, Game 3 (W, B+R)149
271996-10-2029th Hayago Championship Final (B, B+R)169
281996-12-233rd JT Cup, Round 3 (W, B+4.5)257
291997-07-144th Acom Cup, Round 2 (W, B+R) 
301998-01-1422nd Kisei Final, Game 1 (B, B+R)189
311998-01-2822nd Kisei Final, Game 2 (W, W+3.5)222
321998-02-0422nd Kisei Final, Game 3 (B, B+R)93
331998-02-1822nd Kisei Final, Game 4 (W, B+R)89
341998-02-2522nd Kisei Final, Game 5 (B, W+R)114
351998-03-0717th NEC Cup Final (B, W+4.5)283
361998-03-1122nd Kisei Final, Game 6 (W, W+4.5)265
371998-06-085th Acom Cup, Round 1 (W, W+R) 
381999-09-0124th Meijin Final, Game 1 (W, W+1.5)240
391999-09-1524th Meijin Final, Game 2 (B, B+3.5)255
401999-09-2924th Meijin Final, Game 3 (W, B+R)195
411999-10-1324th Meijin Final, Game 4 (B, B+R)195
421999-10-2024th Meijin Final, Game 5 (W, W+1.5)242
432000-05-2539th Judan, Winners' Section, Round 1 (B, W+0.5)201
442000-08-2448th Oza, Challengers' Final (B, B+R)187
452000-09-0625th Meijin Final, Game 1 (W, B+R)179
462000-09-2025th Meijin Final, Game 2 (B, W+R)236
472000-09-2725th Meijin Final, Game 3 (W, B+R)167
482000-10-1125th Meijin Final, Game 4 (B, W+R)198
492001-02-2420th NEC Cup, Semi-final (B, B+10.5)228
502001-07-0549th Oza, Challengers' Semi-final (B, B+R)145
512001-07-218th Agon-Kiriyama Cup, preliminary ? (W, W+R) 
522001-07-2640th Judan, Losers' Section, Round 1 (W, W+R)150
532001-08-1934th Hayago Championship, Round 2 (W, W+R) 
542002-02-2321st NEC Cup, Semi-final (W, B+3.5)251
552002-09-1127th Meijin Final, Game 1 (B, W+R)276
562002-09-2527th Meijin Final, Game 2 (W, B+2.5)297
572002-10-0227th Meijin Final, Game 3 (B, B+2.5)319
582002-10-1627th Meijin Final, Game 4 (W, B+0.5)263
592002-10-2327th Meijin Final, Game 5 (B, W+R)164
602003-07-1028th Kisei League B (B, B+6.5)278
612005-03-1352nd NHK Cup, Semi-final (B, W+5.5)235
622006-01-1219th Fujitsu Cup Preliminary Group 4, Round 2 (B, B+R)215
632007-02-242nd Daiwa-Shoken Cup, Round 1 (B, W+R)128
642007-03-1154th NHK Cup, Semi-final (W, W+R)226

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