Games of Cho Chikun against Otake Hideo

Nr. Date Event & Result Mvs
11974-11-1422nd Nihon Ki-in Championship, Semi-final (W, W+0.5)236
21975-02-237th Hayago Championship, Semi-final (W, B+8.5)270
31976-01-002nd Japan Series League (?, +)?
41976-11-1824th Oza Final, Game 1 (B, B+R)215
51976-11-2524th Oza Final, Game 2 (W, B+R)191
61976-12-0924th Oza Final, Game 3 (B, B+4.5)248
71978-03-093rd Meijin League (B, W+R)184
81978-04-0011th Hayago Championship, Round 1 (B, B+R)191
91978-10-1617th Judan, Winners' Section, Round 1 (W, B+R)199
101979-00-0027th Oza, Preliminaries (?, ?) 
111979-07-184th Gosei Final, Game 1 (B, B+R)159
121979-08-014th Gosei Final, Game 2 (W, W+R)180
131979-08-104th Gosei Final, Game 3 (B, B+R)245
141979-11-0012th Hayago Championship, Round 2 (?, -)?
151980-07-235th Gosei Final, Game 1 (B, B+4.5)248
161980-08-015th Gosei Final, Game 2 (W, B+1.5)283
171980-08-195th Gosei Final, Game 3 (B, W+R)238
181980-08-275th Gosei Final, Game 4 (W, B+R)167
191980-09-105th Meijin Final, Game 1 (W, W+R)212
201980-09-175th Meijin Final, Game 2 (B, B+R)135
211980-10-015th Meijin Final, Game 3 (W, B+R)209
221980-10-085th Meijin Final, Game 4 (B, Void)213
231980-10-225th Meijin Final, Game 5 (W, W+R)192
241980-11-055th Meijin Final, Game 6 (B, B+1.5)247
251980-11-275th Kisei, Strongest Players' Final, Game 1 (W, B+4.5)287
261980-12-115th Kisei, Strongest Players' Final, Game 2 (B, B+R)217
271980-12-185th Kisei, Strongest Players' Final, Game 3 (W, B+3.5)277
281980/19813rd Kakusei, League (?, -)?
291981-02-283rd Kakusei Final (B, W+6.5)273
301981-11-294th Kakusei League (W, B+R)143
311982-03-0320th Judan Final, Game 1 (B, W+R)140
321982-03-1120th Judan Final, Game 2 (W, W+2.5)229
331982-03-2520th Judan Final, Game 3 (B, B+R)153
341982-04-0120th Judan Final, Game 4 (W, W+R)170
351982-07-147th Gosei Final, Game 1 (B, W+R)102
361982-08-087th Gosei Final, Game 2 (W, B+R)163
371982-08-187th Gosei Final, Game 3 (B, B+R)169
381982-08-257th Gosei Final, Game 4 (W, W+R)200
391982-09-017th Gosei Final, Game 5 (B, W+R)216
401982-09-087th Meijin Final, Game 1 (B, B+R)215
411982-09-207th Meijin Final, Game 2 (W, W+R)224
421982-09-297th Meijin Final, Game 3 (B, B+R)239
431982-10-137th Meijin Final, Game 4 (W, B+R)209
441982-10-277th Meijin Final, Game 5 (B, B+R)183
451982/19835th Kakusei, League (?, -)?
461983-03-2130th NHK Cup Final (W, W+0.5)321
471983-09-078th Meijin Final, Game 1 (W, W+1.5)240
481983-09-208th Meijin Final, Game 2 (B, B+R)185
491983-09-288th Meijin Final, Game 3 (W, B+R)177
501983-10-128th Meijin Final, Game 4 (B, B+R)215
511983-10-198th Meijin Final, Game 5 (W, W+R)150
521983-11-193rd NEC Cup, Round 2 (W, W+R)246
531984-02-056th Kakusei, League (B, W+R)148
541984-09-129th Meijin Final, Game 1 (W, B+2.5)236
551984-09-269th Meijin Final, Game 2 (B, W+R)140
561984-10-039th Meijin Final, Game 3 (W, B+R)107
571984-10-179th Meijin Final, Game 4 (B, B+1.5)208
581984-10-249th Meijin Final, Game 5 (W, W+R)226
591984-11-079th Meijin Final, Game 6 (B, B+3.5)230
601984-11-149th Meijin Final, Game 7 (W, W+R)172
611984-12-1323rd Judan, Losers' Section, Round 3 (W, B+R)109
621984/19857th Kakusei, League (?, -)?
631985-09-1911th Tengen, Challengers' Semi-final (W, W+R)154
641985-12-178th Kakusei, Semi-final (W, B+1.5)241
651985-12-1911th Meijin League (B, B+R)113
661986-07-0411th Gosei Final, Game 1 (W, W+R)196
671986-07-1711th Gosei Final, Game 2 (B, B+R)163
681986-07-2311th Gosei Final, Game 3 (W, W+R)116
691987-01-1542nd Honinbo League (W, W+1.5)227
701987-02-146th NEC Cup, Semi-final (W, B+1.5)204
711987-05-0712th Meijin League (W, B+R)257
721987-10-0843rd Honinbo League (B, W+2.5)190
731987-10-2912th Kisei, Strongest Players Championship, Semi-final (W, B+R)155
741988-01-237th NEC Cup, Semi-final (B, B+5.5)256
751989-01-2644th Honinbo League (W, B+4.5)247
761989-04-2444th Honinbo League, Playoff (W, W+R)158
771989-07-1337th Oza, Round 1 (W, W+R)136
781989-11-0214th Kisei, Strongest Players' Final, Game 1 (B, W+8.5)234
791989-11-3014th Kisei, Strongest Players' Final, Game 2 (W, B+R)97
801990-08-0915th Meijin League (B, W+R)188
811990-12-0810th NEC Cup, Round 1 (B, W+R)212
821991-04-1116th Meijin League (W, W+R)126
831991-11-0714th Kakusei, Semi-final (W, B+6.5)217
841992-02-0617th Meijin League (B, W+R)210
851992-05-2140th Oza, Round 1 (B, B+3.5)287
861992-08-162nd Ryusei League, Final (B, W+4.5)259
871992-10-055th Kirin Cup, Round 2, Board 1 (B, W+R)186
881992-11-1931st Judan, Winners' Section Final (W, B+R)149
891993-07-2218th Meijin League (B, B+R)115
901993-11-0418th Kisei, Strongest Players' Tournament, Semi-final (W, W+R)176
911994-08-0419th Meijin League (B, B+4.5)318
921995-09-1420th Kisei, Strongest Players Tournament, Round 2 (B, B+R)209
931996-04-155th Ryusei, C group final (B, W+1.5)210
941996-05-2321st Gosei, Semi-final (B, B+R)101
951996-06-1444th Oza, Round 1 (B, W+R)160
961997-00-0030th Hayago Championship, Round 1, Game 3 (B, W+3.5)162
972000-04-0355th Honinbo League (B, W+0.5)257
982000-11-1656th Honinbo League, Game 8 (B, B+R)203
992001-01-2526th Gosei, Round 1, Game 15 (W, B+0.5)256
1002002-03-0757th Honinbo League (W, W+3.5)255
1012003-03-1328th Gosei League, Round 2 (W, W+1.5)291

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