Games of Cho Chikun against Kato Masao

Nr. Date Event & Result Mvs
11974-03-25Young Stars Gonin-nuki {first to five straight wins} tournament sponsored by Kido, Game 5 (W, B+R)231
21975-04-1012th Pro Best Ten Final, Game 1 (W, W+0.5)257
31975-04-2112th Pro Best Ten Final, Game 2 (B, B+R)227
41975-05-0112th Pro Best Ten Final, Game 3 (W, W+R)188
51975-06/07Oteai (?, +)?
61975-07-1014th Judan, Round 1 (W, Void)156
71975-07-3114th Judan, Winners' Section, Round 1 (B, W+R)212
81976-02-261st Gosei League (B, W+R)148
91976-11-0424th Oza, Challengers' final (B, B+R)211
101977-00-0010th Hayago Championship, Round 1 (?, +)?
111977-06-022nd Meijin League (B, W+R)182
121978-01-193rd Meijin League (W, B+2.5)266
131978-09-0026th NHK Cup, Round 2 (B, B+2.5)239
141979-03-015th Tengen, Preliminaries (W, B+R)205
151979-03/1227th NHK Cup, Round 2 (?, +) 
161979-07-264th Meijin League (W, W+4.5)261
171979-12-135th Meijin League (B, B+3.5)245
181980-08-215th Meijin League, Playoff (B, B+4.5)221
191980/19813rd Kakusei, League (?, +)?
201981-03-2636th Honinbo League (B, B+R)267
211981-09-096th Meijin Final, Game 1 (W, W+1.5)318
221981-09-246th Meijin Final, Game 2 (B, B+3.5)256
231981-10-016th Meijin Final, Game 3 (W, W+3.5)244
241981-10-146th Meijin Final, Game 4 (B, B+2.5)239
251982-12-097th Kisei, Strongest Players' Final, Game 1 (W, W+2.5)252
261982-12-167th Kisei, Strongest Players' Final, Game 2 (B, B+R)187
271982/198315th Hayago Championship, Round 2 (?, +)?
281983-01-235th Kakusei, League (B, W+R)168
291983-03-0321st Judan Final, Game 1 (B, W+0.5)277
301983-03-2421st Judan Final, Game 2 (W, B+0.5)307
311983-04-0621st Judan Final, Game 3 (B, B+R)193
321983-04-1321st Judan Final, Game 4 (W, W+R)178
331983-04-2721st Judan Final, Game 5 (B, W+0.5)257
341983/19846th Kakusei, League (?, +)?
351984-03-006th Kakusei, Playoff Knock-out (?, -)?
361984-10-1123rd Judan, Losers' Section, Round 2 (W, W+R)200
371985-01-194th NEC Cup, Semi-final (B, B+R)173
381985-01-2717th Hayago Championship, Semi-final (W, B+R)277
391985-03-107th Kakusei League (W, W+5.5)230
401986-04-1711th Meijin League (W, W+2.5)221
411986-08-2511th Meijin League, Playoff (W, B+R)103
421986-10-3042nd Honinbo League (W, W+1.5)306
431987-02-1925th Judan, Challengers' final (W, B+0.5)275
441987-07-0312th Gosei Final, Game 1 (B, B+3.5)182
451987-07-1612th Gosei Final, Game 2 (W, B+1.5)220
461987-07-3012th Gosei Final, Game 3 (B, W+2.5)236
471987-08-1712th Gosei Final, Game 4 (W, B+R)255
481987-09-1035th Oza Final, Game 1 (W, B+R)153
491987-09-2535th Oza Final, Game 2 (B, W+R)134
501987-10-1213th Tengen, Challengers' Final (B, B+3.5)233
511987-10-1535th Oza Final, Game 3 (W, W+R)140
521987-11-0435th Oza Final, Game 4 (B, W+R)166
531987-11-077th NEC Cup, Round 2 (B, B+R)213
541988-00-0021st Hayago Championship, Round 2 (B, W+R)212
551988-01-0743rd Honinbo League (W, B+R)169
561988-03-0326th Judan Final, Game 1 (B, B+R)255
571988-03-2426th Judan Final, Game 2 (W, W+R)204
581988-04-0726th Judan Final, Game 3 (B, W+R)176
591988-04-1426th Judan Final, Game 4 (W, B+R)253
601988-04-2826th Judan Final, Game 5 (W, W+R)224
611988-10-0613th Kisei, Strongest Players Tournament, Semi-final (B, B+2.5)223
621988-11-128th NEC Cup, Round 2 (W, W+7.5)214
631989-02-2344th Honinbo League (B, B+R)143
641989-05-2514th Meijin League (B, W+0.5)308
651989-12-1815th Meijin League (W, W+R)222
661990-09-0923rd Hayago Championship, Semi-final (B, B+R)231
671990-10-1815th Kisei, Strongest Players' Semi-final (W, B+3.5)246
681992-02-0111th NEC Cup, Semi-final (B, W+R)164
691992-03-0139th NHK Cup, Semi-Final (B, B+R)195
701992-08-2717th Kisei, Strongest Players' Section, Round 1 (B, W+R)146
711993-02-0612th NEC Cup, Semi-final (B, W+R)202
721993-05-1318th Meijin League (W, W+2.5)279
731993-08-2641st Oza, Semi-final (W, B+1.5)246
741993-09-1113th NEC Cup, Round 2 (B, B+2.5)258
751993-11-2518th Kisei, Strongest Players' Final, Game 1 (B, W+6.5)213
761993-12-0218th Kisei, Strongest Players' Final, Game 2 (W, W+1.5)215
771993-12-0918th Kisei, Strongest Players' Final, Game 3 (B, B+2.5)264
781993-12-2319th Meijin League (B, B+R)175
791994-06-204th Ryusei, B group final (B, B+3.5)282
801994-09-171st Acom Cup, Semi-final (W, W+14.5)243
811994-10-2142nd Oza Final, Game 1 (B, B+R)145
821994-11-0242nd Oza Final, Game 2 (W, B+R)199
831994-11-1742nd Oza Final, Game 3 (B, W+R)216
841994-11-2442nd Oza Final, Game 4 (W, W+4.5)244
851994-12-0842nd Oza Final, Game 5 (B, B+R)197
861994-12-2233rd Judan, Losers' Section Semi-final (B, B+R)179
871995-01-2620th Meijin League (B, B+5.5)250
881995-02-2814th NEC Cup, Semi-final (W, W+8.5)193
891995-03-2017th Kakusei Final (B, W+R)178
901995-05-1150th Honinbo Final, Game 1 (W, W+3.5)220
911995-05-2450th Honinbo Final, Game 2 (B, W+R)194
921995-06-0750th Honinbo Final, Game 3 (W, W+4.5)232
931995-06-1950th Honinbo Final, Game 4 (B, B+R)145
941995-06-2650th Honinbo Final, Game 5 (W, W+R)164
951995-11-0920th Kisei, Strongest Players' Final, Game 1 (B, B+1.5)244
961995-11-3020th Kisei, Strongest Players' Final, Game 1 (W, W+R)124
971996-01-1121st Meijin League (B, B+0.5)291
981996-11-119th Kirin Cup, Board 1 (W, B+1.5)240
991996-11-2135th Judan, Repechage Round 3 (W, B+R)171
1001997-05-1252nd Honinbo Final, Game 1 (W, W+R)82
1011997-05-2652nd Honinbo Final, Game 2 (B, B+R)181
1021997-06-0252nd Honinbo Final, Game 3 (W, W+16.5)226
1031997-06-1652nd Honinbo Final, Game 4 (B, B+R)205
1041997-11-2020th Kakusei, Semi-final (B, W+R)176
1051998-09-067th Ryusei League, Final (B, W+R)138
1061999-08-2647th Oza, Challengers' Final (B, B+R)147
1072000-03-0419th NEC Cup Final (B, B+5.5)239
1082000-06-2948th Oza, Semi-final (B, B+4.5)272
1092000-07-1323rd Kakusei, Round 2 (W, B+T)79
1102001-03-1020th NEC Cup Final (W, W+R)170
1112001-04-1226th Meijin League (B, B+3.5)254
1122001-07-0910th Ryusei League, Semi-final (W, B+5.5)290
1132002-01-1727th Meijin League (W, W+7.5)261
1142002-01-2457th Honinbo League (B, W+1.5)271
1152003-09-0810th Agon-Kiriyama Cup, Semi-final (B, W+1.5)Incompl.
1162004-09-052nd JAL Super Hayago, Semi-final (B, B+2.5) 

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