Games of Cho Chikun against Ishida Yoshio

Nr. Date Event & Result Mvs
11973-02/1210th Pro Best Ten, Playoff for 7th and 8th place (?, -)?
21974-10-3122nd Nihon Ki-in Championship, Round 3 (B, B+4.5)211
31975-11-012nd Japan Series League (B, W+3.5)259
41976-00-0023rd NHK Cup, Round 2 (?, +) 
51977-02-162nd Meijin League (W, B+6.5)277
61977-11-2725th NHK Cup, Round 2 (W, B+1.5)240
71978-04-00Kido Championship (W&C), Game 5 (W, B+R)135
81978-07-273rd Meijin League (W, W+2.5)251
91978-09-0011th Hayago Championship, Round 2 (W, B+R)147
101979-04-124th Meijin League (B, B+1.5)287
111979-06-144th Gosei League (W, W+R)260
121979-12-0635th Honinbo League (B, B+R)205
131980-11/1228th NHK Cup, Round 3 (?, -) 
141980/19813rd Kakusei, League (?, -)?
151980/19813rd Kakusei, Playoff knockout (?, +)?
161981-00-0014th Hayago Championship, Round 2 (?, -)?
171981-09-1720th Judan, Winners' Section Semi-final (W, W+R)190
181982-04/05Shusai Cup, Round 1 (?, +)?
191983-02-0615th Hayago Championship, Semi-final (W, B+6.5)269
201983-05-0531st Oza, Round 1 (B, B+6.5)247
211986-10-0925th Judan, Winners' Section, Round 2 (W, B+1.5)223
221987-12-1013th Meijin League (W, W+0.5)263
231988-03-057th NEC Cup Final (W, B+R)133
241989-01-1914th Meijin League (B, B+4.5)239
251989-02-118th NEC Cup, Semi-final (W, B+R)241
261989-05-0414th Gosei, Semi-final (W, W+2.5)271
271990-07-163rd IBM Hayago Open, Round 3 (B, W+R)164
281991-08-181st Ryusei League, Final (B, B+13.5)299
291991-10-074th Kirin Cup, Round 1, Board 1 (B, B+R)181
301992-09-0331st Judan, Winners' Section, Round 2 (B, B+2.5)258
311993-03-1841st Oza, Round 1 (B, B+R)137
321996-12-0522nd Gosei, Round 1 (B, B+0.5)263
331998/19995th JT Cup, Round 1 (?, -)?
342001-03-1148th NHK Cup Final (W, B+2.5)292
352001-10-1126th Kisei, League, Group B, game 14 (W, W+4.5)259
362002-08-159th Agon-Kiriyama Cup, Round 2 (B, B+4.5) 
372002-10-0635th Hayago Championship Final (B, B+R)187

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