Games of Cho Chikun against Hikosaka Naoto

Nr. Date Event & Result Mvs
11991-10-2430th Judan, Losers' Section, Round 3 (W, W+R)60
21991-10/1239th NHK Cup, Round 2 (?, +) 
31992-08-1031st Judan, Winners' Section, Round 1 (W, W+R)124
41995-07-0634th Judan, Winners' Section. Round 1 (W, W+R)160
51998-02-1236th Judan, Challengers' Final (W, B+R)223
62000-02-1055th Honinbo League (B, B+R)103
72000-06-0848th Oza, Round 2 (W, W+0.5)244
82001-11-1721st NEC Cup, Round 2 (W, W+R)176
92002-07-0427th Meijin League, Round 7 (W, W+13.5)313
102002-08-2241st Judan League, Losers' Section (B, B+R)177
112004-10-1443rd Judan League, Winners' Section Semi-final (W, W+2.5)240

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