Games of Cho Chikun against Go Seigen

Go Seigen in China in 2002, attending the making of a movie about his own life.

Go Seigen , born 1914 as Wu Quan. Child prodigy that moved to Japan (he arrived on 1928-10-27) with Segoe Kensaku as his teacher. The next year he was promoted by recommendation to professional 3 dan. He has stayed in Japan ever since despite wartime problems with naturalisation and problems after the war with his support for an anti-American religious group.

He stayed more or less independent of the Nihon Ki-in, as he was excluded from the Honinbo for a while. He is most famous for his ten game matches (sponsored by the Yomiuri), especially the ones after the war where he beat the Honinbo's Iwamoto Kaoru, Sakata Eio and Takagawa Kaku.

In the limited space here I cannot do justice to the career of the best go player of the previous century (and may-be of all times). There is much to be found on the net, for instance a short biography by his brother translated from Chinese.

I have no further knowledge about the game below, it is not in the standard four volume collected games of Go Seigen that I bought in 1979. I do not know why the komi is 3.5 -- it might well be -3.5.

Nr. Date Event & Result Mvs
11969-11-14  (B, W+R)192

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