Games of Cho Chikun against Fujisawa Hosai

Fujisawa Hosai, born Mar. 5, 1919 in Yokohama, Kanagawa; died Aug. 2, 1993. His original first name was Kuranosuke. One of the remarkable players of the 20th century.

He became insei at the Nihon Kiin in 1930. Pupil of Honinbo Shusai. He won the Oteai seven times and was the first player to be promoted to 9 dan under the Oteai system. He won seven titles in his career.

He is famous for playing two 10 game matches (Jubango) with Go Seigen in 1951 and 1952, when he and Go were the only 9 dan players, but he lost both times.

See also 10 articles by John Fairbairn about an almost forgotten match against Hashimoto Utaro, which is fascinating reading.

Known for his powerful fighting style and deep reading (and long thinking), as well as his unusual fuseki: as black he almost invariably opened the game by playing on the 3-3 point in one corner, and making a corner enclosure in a parallel corner, while with white he played imitation go (mane go). See the games below.

Nr. Date Event & Result Mvs
11976-00-0023rd NHK Cup, Round 1 (?, +) 
21976-01-081st Gosei League (W, W+R)206
31976-05-2724th Oza, Round 1 (W, W+4.5)230
41976-07-2215th Judan, Winners' Section, Round 1 (B, B+R)133
51978-07-0026th NHK Cup, Round 1 (B, B+R)109
61980-04-1735th Honinbo League (W, W+8.5)241

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