Games of Cho Chikun against Cho U

The Ricoh 2004 Pair Go Cup, round 2. Left Cho U and Okada Yumiko, right Kobayashi Izumi and Yamashita Keigo.

Cho U was born in Taiwan in 1980. Moved to Japan in 1990 and became a pupil of Rin Kaiho (1990). Challenged for the Honinbo title in 2001 when he was 6 dan: the youngest challenger ever.

Won the Honinbo title in 2003 and became 9d because of that. This gives him the record for the fastest promotion to 9-dan (9 years and three months). He set a Japanese record for most wins in a year (70) in 2002, and also for most games without a loss in the Oteai: 37 games including one jigo (which beats Cho Chikun's record of 1973 - 36 games including 2 jigo's and one no result). Also won the Oza in 2003 and the NHK Cup in 2002.

Recently announced his engagement to Kobayashi Izumi.

Nr. Date Event & Result Mvs
12001-01-1856th Honinbo League, Game 14 (W, W+R)168
22001-09-2757th Honinbo League (W, B+R)141
32002-09-2122nd NEC Cup, Round 2 (W, B+R)141
42002-10-139th Agon-Kiriyama Cup Final (W, W+R)216
52002-10-2827th Kisei League B (W, W+R)78
62002-12-0258th Honinbo League, Round 3 (B, W+R)98
72003-02-2350th NHK Cup, Quarter-final (W, W+4.5)266
82003-03-2028th Meijin League (B, W+R)244
92003-09-0428th Kisei League B (W, B+R)193
102003-09-2542nd Judan League, Winners' Section Semi-final (W, B+0.5)284
112003-10-0229th Gosei, A preliminary, Round 2 (?, -)?
122004-07-0129th Kisei League B (B, W+R)130
132004-08-0529th Meijin League (W, B+R)127
142005-07-2514th Ryusei League, Semi-final (W, B+R)213
152006-10-151st Daiwa Cup, Round 2 (W, B+1.5)283
162007-10-2014th Agon-Kiriyama Cup, Final (W, B+6.5)129

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