Meeting Cho in september 2000

Cho together with the author at the opening ceremony of the 2000 Meijin Title match in Amsterdam.

To celebrate the event that Cho Chikun for the second time in his career owned the three major titles (Kisei, Meijin, Honinbo) at the same time, I started collecting title match games by Cho. This 'hobby' grew out into a number of pages dedicated to the art of Cho Chikun. The aim was to find at least 1.000 professional games by Cho. We have reached that milestone in the beginning of 2001, so the next aim is to have them all :-)


On the pages that form the "Cho Chikun Internet Book" the tophand menu has been replaced by a breadcrumb. I know, it is a bit old fashioned, but at least you know where you are and how to get back. The right hand side sidebar will always contain the most relevant links for further navigation.

Basically this "Cho Chikun Internet Book" site consists of three parts. First there is the small biography of Cho Chikun, which will give you an overview of his professional career. Secondly, there is the database of games, that can be approached through a lot of different index pages, either by year, by opponent or by tournament. The third part consists of various stories & reports, and some other odds and ends.

The games database

I have a database of games by Cho Chikun that is used to generate a lot of the pages. In that database are about 1900 entries, of all the games that I know Cho played as a professional. Of those, for about 1550 I have the actual game record. Many of the games that are missing are in the years prior to 1980. From 1990 onwards only a few games are missing.

Note that end 2002 according to the official Kido records Cho Chikun had a 1129-565-3 win-loss-jigo score. That means that my database is pretty complete.


On the right hand side there are some links to collections of games (in zip format). These are not always completely up to date with the database, so that is why I also maintain a page with the most recently added or changed game records. Please read the copyright notice before downloading.

Almost every day somebody makes a complete copy of this site. Again, this is okay for your personal use, but if you want to do anything else with it you need my written permission.


So many people contributed games and information for this site over the years, that it is hard to list and them all. But John Fairbairn and Mark Hall (GoGod), father and son Arkadiy and Dimitriy Bogatskiy (BiGo) and Jan van der Steen ( cannot go unmentioned.

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The databases on this site are a service to the Go Community:
"The databases have been compiled by Jan van Rongen and are his copyright. They can be distributed freely, as long as this copyright statement is distributed with them. The databases shall not be made part of any [non] commercially available database collection of games of go without the written permission of Jan van Rongen."